Ayurvedic Pharmacy

Amritsar Sewa Samiti has an ayurvedic pharmceutical unit of it's own commonly known as ayurvedic pharmacy; where classical ayurvedic formulations (Shastriya Yogas) are manufacturered in highly hygienic conditions in compliance with the guidelines, rules and regulation of the department of ayurved Punjab and Health Ministry. A qualified and competent vaidya is the incharge of this pharmacy. For the manufacture of medicines raw material (herbs, minerals etc.) of high quality is procured and all the procedures mentioned in the respective text are stictly followed. All the important Asavas; Vatis; Rasas; Churnas; Bhasmas; and Kupipakwa-Rasayans are manufactured. Apart from this Arakas; Sharbats; Murabbajat; Badam Rogans; Chyawanparash; Hair Oils are also manufactured.

The medicines and other products manufactured in this pharmacy are sold at a very concessional prices (no profit-no loss basis; without compromising on quality).

             Our products are sold only on our own sales outlets and no where else.

                                                                            Sales Outlets
 S No.  Address  Phone
  1   Amritsar Sewa Samiti, Durgiana Mandir Pharmacy, Amritsar   0183-2531048
  2   Amritsar Sewa Samiti, 378, M. M. Malviya Road, Amritsar   0183-2563040

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